24-hour emergency call-outs,365 days a year Reliable service. There is no call-out fee and we will quote you for the work up front.

Blocked Toilets, Sinks, Baths and Showers

Even a small blockage can cause stress and inconvenience. We offer a fast and reliable service. Many homes have just one bathroom so a blockage is an immediate and serious problem. We are available for residential and commercial emergencies 24 hours a day, to manage that urgent unblocking job. Bathroom blockages may occur due to hair, wipes, sanitary products or various other items inadvertently travelling into the drain. Kitchen sinks may block due to grease or fat from cooking. We bring the skills to get everything flowing freely again, at any time of the day or night.

Blocked Drains

Our vans are equipped with the latest jetting machines to get your drains free-flowing. Gullies are outside drains to take away surface water outside your property and also water coming from rainwater downpipes. While the gully may be covered with a grid or grating to keep out large debris such as leaves and twigs, over time small particles can accumulate, leading to slow drainage and overflow affecting your premises or car park.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

At Connect Drainage we offer a pre-planned maintenance service from stack cleans to urinal descales to drain jetting, to make sure your offices and other buildings run smoothly. Consider a maintenance plan to avoid business downtime due to drainage emergencies. Take action before a problem comes to light. Keep drains, toilets, sinks etc at your workplace all flowing freely. As with all our services we offer value for money and competitive pricing.

Drain Lining and Patching

Not all drain problems will require digging up the ground and replacing parts of the drain pipe. It may be possible to repair by lining or patching. Drain lining is a way to repair a length of drain without the need for excavations, saving time and money.

Urinal Blockages and De-scale

Our engineers will arrive and clear your blocked urinals with the latest electromechanical cleaning machines. Urinals need regular maintenance and our engineer can recommend any future works needed to stop these from flooding.

Grease Trap Cleans

Grease traps are an essential part of your kitchen drainage system. They collect all your kitchen grease and fat before it travels into the drainage system. The size of the grease trap and how busy the kitchen is will determine how often these need cleaning. Connect Drainage will empty and clean out and transport off site all fat and grease for safe disposal, supplying all legal documents for records.

Petrol Interceptor and Car Park Drainage Cleans

Essential maintenance for legal compliance. Maintain and clean your petrol interceptor to avoid the dangers of overflow, surface water contamination and polluting accidents.

Gutter Blockages and Cleans

Gutters can accumulate leaves and other debris. A blocked gutter leads to water overflowing and affecting the roof, walls and fascia beneath it with damp. Connect Drainage can reach those high gutters and clear them out.

Camera Inspections

We use our CCTV technology to trace and to check the condition of your drainage lines and to identify any issues and future work needed.

Drain jetting and descales

For those inaccessible jobs, jetting uses water at high pressure to clean blockages. Drain jets can extend further than rods and manoeuvre around bends in the pipes. It uses only water at high pressure, no chemicals. Jetting is a skilled operation and is potentially dangerous for the operator, due to the high pressures involved. It should be done by an operator such as us with an appreciation of the health and safety issues around using this equipment. Contact Connect Drainage and call in the experts.

Clearing of drain roots

Roots get into drains via tiny gaps or cracks in the pipe or joints. Removing them is not necessarily the end of the story. The drain may need relining which can be completed without the need to dig up any of the drainage. At Connect Drainage we will clear the roots and scale from the drains with jetters and mechanical cleaning machines then we will camera the drain line to see what needs to be done to prevent this from happening again.

Drain repairs

Not all damaged drains can be relined; some would need to be dug up and replaced. Connect will trace and locate where drains need to be replaced and dig up the area needed with theleast possible disruption, then use CCTV to inspect the drains after repair to show work is complete.

Stack cleans

Do you have a toilet which drains slowly, or unpleasant smells? The stack may have become blocked due to debris, or ingress by nearby plants, and need cleaning. Connect Drainage offer this specialised service.

Flooded basement clean ups

Remove the floodwater, clean, dry and dehumidify the basement.

Smell investigations

We will investigate to find the root cause of the problem and where possible will recommend a course of action to fix it.

Cesspit cleans

We empty and clean your cesspit and septic tanks by use of tankers and safely remove contaminated waste off site for safe disposal.

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